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Deer antler leather sofa shammy

Deer antler leather sofa shammy
Deer antler leather sofa shammy
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Deer antler leather sofa shammy from Qubita. Crafted from delightful premium leather and genuine deer antlers, this sofa is a must-have addition to both contemporary and traditional living rooms. The plush padded seat cushion and buttoned backrest make this a fantastically comfy seat to sink into when reading your favourite book or newspaper. The sofa is designed and manufactured in Europe. A perfect choice for those looking for a distinctive and durable piece of furniture.

This sofa from Qubita would make an excellent addition to any living room or lounge area. The design of the sofa may vary slightly as it is made from deer antlers that are naturally shed each year.

Depth 90cm
Upholstery Oxhide Shade 21 Shammy
Height 110cm
Width 150cm
Color Brown, Grey

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